Graduation Gift - Embroidered Name Towel Set

Need a special graduation gift?

This beautiful set of towels embroidered with their name makes a great gift for your special graduate!

Towels Lorna Three Stacked 72
  • Set of three items
  • Includes bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth
  • Embroidered with your graduate's name
  • Beautiful and useful, too!
  • Your choice of towel color*
  • Each set of towels is hand-selected based on your color choice.
  • Your choice of embroidery thread color for the graduate's name*
  • Script or plaint text embroidery style - see photos for examples
  • Ships within 10 days

*Subject to availability

Ordering Details

The Graduation Gift Towel Set is $35 + tax, with an additional $10 for shipping & handling, anywhere in the US.

We offer telephone orders for towel sets so we can get the details right!

  • Towel color
  • Thread color
  • Name to embroider
  • Embroidery Style - plain or script

Order by calling 307-422-3414.

Your order will ship within 10 days.

Thank you!

Towels Curtis
Plain Text Embroidery
Towels Lorna Three
Script Embroidery
Graduation Towel Gift Set - Sarah
Script Embroidery
Towels Caitlyn
Script Embroidery


"I love how they turned out!  The colors are exactly what I wanted!" - Gayle B

A set of towels, some embroidery thread, and... Presto! A great gift!


Graduation Gift Towel Set Before
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Towels Lorna Three Stacked 72

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